Data platforms

As organisations gather and the store more and more data, many run the risk of outgrowing their data infrastructure. Many deal with large volumes of data from multiple sources, but struggle to have a cohesive view.

We engineer and integrate Data Platforms that enable our clients to become data-driven organisations. We enable them to uncover new insights that deliver gains in better, faster decision making to drive growth, efficiency, innovation and competitive advantage.

What we offer

What we offer

What we deliver

  • Ready-for-scale data repositories that give businesses full access to Tbs of data, including unstructured data such as video, imagery and social media
  • Data Lakes with self-service analytics portals to provide agility and empower staff
  • Applied analytics across Data Platforms, giving organisations stronger foundations for understanding, modelling and predicting trends, as well as running queries and reports in near real-time
  • Analysis capabilities - through a gamut of tools and application – that allow technical staff to run sophisticated simulation and modelling and non-technical business users to analyse data using visualisation software
  • Data Lake storage in the cloud, with advanced Machine Learning to automate analysis of volumes of complex data

Why our customers choose us

  • Our strength in partnerships with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Google Quobole and DataBricks
  • Our distributed system background which – unlike most people in the Data Platforms space who approach things from a BI perspective – means that we are focused on removing the limitations of data management to deliver more enduring solutions for our clients
  • Our service breadth means that our architectural thinking and design is deeply integrated with identity, cloud service integration and microservice platforms
  • Our depth of knowledge in architecting Data Platforms to support scale out, high availability microservices in the cloud

Make your Big Data work for you

Build multiple microservices with a single data pool

Organisations adopting a modern, microservices platform to run business functions such as eCommerce can find their data siloed without a centralised home for capturing and making sense of events and behaviours.

Be ready to react

Enterprises with a need to react swiftly to business events will have more flexibility, relevance and access than a traditional data warehouse provides.

Access all areas

Making diagnostics and analysis on bulk data gathered across off the shelf, SaaS and bespoke system solutions more efficient, faster and more credible.

Curate and create

Give your data science team confidence in the fidelity and reliability of the data source so that models and predictions hold their weight and maximise value.

Real-time knowledge

Data Platforms and tools that give faster and wider access to reporting, including integration of real-time data from IoT devices to spot issues and resolve them quickly.

Capture intelligence from the field

Manufacturing – or any enterprise with number of IoT devices that are often dispersed - can lack the infrastructure to capture the volume of streamed data from the field, where Data Lake Platforms can manage both the quantity and the quality variations of data across a large organisation.

Data platforms


Actionable knowledge

Effective data lake architecture – which separates storage of data from analysis or modelling tools – consumes your streamed structured or unstructured data from multiple sources and makes it infinitely accessible, reusable and ready for interrogation.

With data captured in its rawest form, businesses can access a single source for analysis of historical data and run effective data science practices to model and build business strategies and evolve plans.

Knowledge for all

We give our clients broad access to insight from as many data sources as the organisation needs, with increased efficiencies delivering a competitive edge.

Self-service for users allows them to use machine learning and advanced analytics to generate their own data analysis and reports, with no technical knowledge needed.

Knowledge for growth

Investing in proper, fit-for-future data management architecture gives businesses flexibility to ask different questions and make better decisions. We help you benefit from new insights without needing to change your data architecture through an agile design approach that allows you to add new streams of data as they emerge.

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What our customers say

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Microservices introduce a level of simplicity, agility and freedom that hasn’t been possible with previous, monolithic architecture.

We work with clients to deconstruct system design down into manageable, independent, loosely coupled microservices – giving their businesses the opportunity to scale and flex offerings to meet demand, upgrade or swap out capabilities with minimum risk.

Cloud integration

Taking advantage of the cloud doesn’t have to mean a wholesale migration to a brand new set of technologies. We take the technology you already have and make it fit for the future.

Whether it’s the result of acquisition or piecemeal purchasing of technology, many organisations have found themselves weighed down by multiple systems that can’t talk to each other. We design and build flexible cloud-native solutions that optimise business processes and make teams more efficient.

Need help plotting a route to the cloud?

We can help you define your digital strategy and turn it into a technical roadmap, achieving momentum to quickly deliver business value, whilst minimising risk.

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