Amido Stacks de-risks and increases the predictability of projects to ensure they come in on time and on budget.

Get access to a toolbox of tried and tested approaches to delivering projects based on a decade of delivering engineering excellence to create and maintain momentum around transformation projects

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Amido Stacks is the cloud-native software factory for digital transformations that work. Stacks de-risks your project and accelerates your architecture, giving you a platform-agnostic, tried-and-tested route to faster business benefit and better developer velocity. Developers, don't forget to check out our GitHub page too!

Launching on 19th January 2021.

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Why do you need Amido Stacks?

As many as 70% of all digital transformation projects fail, running over time and budget…

Traditionally run projects can take time to deliver value

Businesses lose their nerve, and many pull the plug early before they have a chance to make an impact

Agile approaches generate earlier momentum

Agile approaches generate earlier momentum and provable value, but priorities set by stakeholders to meet business goals can increase the risk around complex technical choices.

De-risk your project and prioritise a solid foundation

Overlooking decisions around important building blocks – such as security and the ability to scale – can cause solutions to fail as a result.

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