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How do you deliver a more personal experience in a digital world? We exist to help our clients solve this problem

Amido is a pragmatic technology consultancy that drives growth by understanding and improving customer engagement and insight. Your business objective is our focus, and we design pragmatic solutions based on a profound understanding of what you need to achieve. Our passion is finding the right strategic mix of tech to give your company a competitive edge and your customers the best experience possible.


We help create better customer experiences by removing friction between your systems. We can assemble, integrate and build the right solution for you, both for now and for the future.


We increase customer engagement by improving user experience across your digital platforms. This means browsing through to sign-in and checkout, and post-contact digital marketing.


We give you the tools to gain actionable insight from your customer data, enabling you to communicate the right information to the right people and boost revenue for your organisation.


We are vendor agnostic

We don't have partners, only vendors. This frees us to work creatively with our clients across the whole cloud services market enabling us to assemble, integrate and build the right solution for your business

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Deliver more, code less

We don’t believe in building things that already exist. It’s a waste of your time, energy and money. Instead, we look to consume existing cloud services and only build the minimum for our customers

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Delight your customers

If your website and apps aren’t simple and quick to use, your users will go elsewhere. We’ve designed our user experience (UX) process to protect you, starting with asking three simple questions

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